Frequently asked questions

Below are some answers to some of our most common questions. Please do contact us if you wanted to ask anything specific.

What shall I wear?

You will be asked to remove outer garments. If you are unhappy undressing, you’re welcome to bring something more comfortable such as a vest top or similar, and shorts, to change into.

There are towels available if required, and your osteopath will leave the room for you to dress and undress on request.

Why does the Osteopath need to know about my medical background?

It is very important your osteopath has as much information about you as possible, to decide whether it is safe and appropriate to treat you. It also help them chose the appropriate examination plan, diagnosis and prognosis.

Usually musculoskeletal pain is a simple mechanical problem that responds well to osteopathic treatment. However, occasionally an ache or pain may be caused by a more serious underlying problem. Your osteopath may refer you for further tests such as blood tests and x-rays to rule this out, or for urgent medical treatment if necessary.

All your personal details and your written notes will remain confidential according to the Data Protection Act 1988. If your osteopath feels it is necessary to contact your G.P. (or anyone else) they will ask you to sign a consent form first.

What is an initial consultation?

This is your first visit. Jane will ask you questions related to your problem/pain, and about your general health and medical background. After which she will examine you. Jane will then discuss what she thinks is causing the problem (diagnosis), what treatment she can offer, and what improvement you can expect (prognosis).

Is my osteopath trained?

All osteopaths are required to undertake a 4-5 year honours degree, and must complete additional clinical exams, assessed by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), before being admitted onto the statutory register. It is a criminal offence to describe yourself as an osteopath in the UK, unless you are registered with the GOsC. The GOsC is responsible for maintaining the Statutory register, the regulation of osteopathy degree courses and the regulation of the profession.

Every year, Osteopaths must complete, and submit for assessment, evidence of continual learning and development, known as Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Osteopaths at Jane Jeater Osteopathy are CRB checked, and have current first aid certificates. We are also registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data protection Act.

How long are the treatments?

Please allow 1 hour for your first treatment. Follow up appointments are approximately 30mins.

Double appointments are available if you need more time.

If you require additional services such as heat moulded orthotics, this may take extra time and will be agreed when booking the appointment.

Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

No, you do not need a referral to visit an osteopath.

What happens on my first visit?

Your osteopath will take a thorough medical case history, asking you questions related to your problem/pain, about your general health, and your medical background. Any information you give us is treated confidentially.

The next step is to examine you, and you will be asked to remove your outer clothing for the examination. You may be asked to perform some simple movements to see how your body is moving. There will be hand-on examination of your muscles and joints, the osteopath will be feeling for areas of pain, tenderness, restriction etc. We will discuss what we have found, and will tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

Once we have discussed our proposed treatment plan, we can begin treatment. We will also advise on any exercises and self-help tips.

Your osteopath should make you feel at ease, and keep you informed about what they are doing. Please feel free to ask questions at any time, if you are unsure.

Follow up treatments follow a similar format. We will ask how you have been since the previous treatment, re-examination you, then continue with the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your problem, and how long you have had it. Relief from acute pain can be immediate, and is often resolved within 4-6 treatments. Longer term aches and pains may need more treatments to completely recover.

The current NICE guidelines recommend 9 treatments over a period of 12 weeks for non-specific lower back pain.

Regular treatment can be beneficial for preventing problems, especially when your lifestyle, occupation, sport or hobby continues to aggravate your symptoms.

How can I pay for my treatment?

We accept debit and credit (expect AMEX), cash or cheques. We ask for payment at the end of each treatment.

Is osteopathy covered by health insurance?

Most health insurance plans include osteopathy. Some providers ask for a GP referral first, and some may require you to pay direct, and then reimburse you. Please check with your provider if you are not sure.

If you would like us to invoice your health insurance providers, you will need to supply your membership number and authorisation code.

We are registered with most major health care insurers including AXA PPP, Simply Health, Aviva.

Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to be accompanied during your treatment if you wish.

Does osteopathy hurt?

No, generally osteopathy doesn’t hurt; however some techniques are more uncomfortable than others. If you are not happy please let us know straight away.

You may feel a little achy or sore after the treatment for the first 24-48hrs. Your osteopath will give you advice on what you may expect to feel and what to do.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book on-line through the appointments button on the website, or you can call us direct on 01424 774466

What shall I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

We provide a 24hr text reminder service via your mobile, or we can email you a reminder on request.

Please give us 24hrs notice if you need to cancel your appointment, otherwise you may be liable for a cancellation fee.

Where can I park?

Both clinics have pay and display car parks nearby.

Is my information confidential?

All your details and your notes will remain confidential according to the Data Protection Act 1988. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If your osteopath feels it is necessary to contact your G.P. (or anyone else) they will ask you to sign a consent form first.

Do I need to see my GP first?

No, you do not need to see your GP first. The British Medical Association guidance for GPs states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths.

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