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Thank you for my session today and fitting me in at late notice, it was much needed! Feeling better already.
Steve Scott – Beijing 2008 Olympian
I am so happy to be running again and leg feels better every day!
After spending the weekend in a medicated haze (to which I am not comfortable with) I am finally feeling human again, massive thanks to you Jane Jeater and your amazing healing hands!
Jane treated me whilst I was training for a Half Marathon as I was having real problems with my hip and heel. With several intensive treatments and much guidance from Jane on how to look after my bones and joints more, I went on to achieve my goal of completing a Half Marathon!
Susie Gates, Battle, aged 39
Having constant backache from an injury I received whilst lifting, not only left me restricted in my movements, but extremely worried about whether I'd ever be better again. Visiting Joanna was the best choice I've made in a long time, and I thank her sincerely for getting me back to my old self!
Tony Osbourne Robertsbridge aged 30
Just wanted to say thank you so much for fitting me in today and for the treatment. My neck/jaw were really becoming very troublesome and distracting over the past few days, and although they are obviously not better yet, the difference I've noticed already since my appointment with you this morning is massive. I really do appreciate it.
Natasha F- Hastings
I always feel like I'm in a safe pair of hands with Jane.
R.H. Hastings
Thanks for fixing me enough to be able to run yesterday!
Thank you so much Jane Jeater Osteopath - my shoulder is feeling so much better, what a relief. Much appreciated.
Joanna has not only helped me repair my hip and shoulder in just four visits, she has shown me brilliant exercises to enable me to help myself and strengthen my weaknesses. I have slipped them into my daily life easily as they take moments to do, but the difference is huge. Thank you so much for your help and advise Joanna.
Katie, Hurst Green aged 43